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Archery in Primary Schools

Are you looking for a holistic way to enrich your students' learning experience across the curriculum? Archery isn't just a sport; it's a gateway to a multitude of benefits that foster physical, mental, and emotional growth in children.

Physical Development: Archery offers a fantastic way for children to enhance their physical fitness and coordination. Drawing a bow engages major muscle groups, promoting strength, stamina, and balance. Through regular practice, students can improve their posture and develop better hand-eye coordination, which are fundamental skills applicable across various aspects of life.

Mental Discipline: Archery requires focus, patience, and discipline. By learning to concentrate on their target and control their breathing, students develop essential mental skills that can enhance their academic performance and overall wellbeing. The precision required in archery instils a sense of responsibility and mindfulness, qualities that are invaluable in any pursuit.

Emotional Wellbeing: Success in archery builds confidence and self-esteem. As students’ progress and hit their targets, they experience a sense of accomplishment that boosts their self-confidence and motivates them to set and achieve goals. Moreover, archery provides a constructive outlet for stress relief and emotional expression, helping children manage their emotions in a healthy and positive manner.

Children doing soft archery

Inclusive and Accessible: One of the beautiful aspects of archery is its inclusivity. It's a sport that welcomes students of all abilities and backgrounds. Whether a child is athletically inclined or not, archery offers a level playing field where everyone can participate and excel. It fosters a sense of camaraderie and teamwork, promoting social skills and empathy among students.

Educational Integration: Introducing archery into your curriculum also opens doors for interdisciplinary learning opportunities. From exploring the physics of projectile motion to delving into the history and cultural significance of archery across civilizations and different religions, students can engage in enriching cross-curricular activities that deepen their understanding of various subjects.

Safety and Supervision: Rest assured; safety is our top priority. We provide thorough training and guidance to ensure that students learn and practice archery in a safe and controlled environment. ‘Arrows’, the soft version of the sport is a safe way for primary aged children to experience the thrill of archery and can be delivered by teaching staff with no training required. ‘Pointy’ archery for older children and young people is delivered by licenced instructors and coaches. Our club volunteers and wider archery workforce are dedicated to making the learning process both enjoyable and safe for all participants. An instructor course can also be delivered in schools as part of your staff’s CPD.

People on an archery instructor course

By incorporating archery into your teaching repertoire, you're not only introducing a captivating sport but also empowering your students with valuable life skills that extend far beyond the classroom. Together, let's inspire a generation of confident, focused, and resilient individuals.

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