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Where do I go to try archery for the first time?

All around the country, clubs run beginners' courses tailored to the needs of their communities, which are delivered by qualified coaches. Courses can vary from club to club, but they will all share some things in common. You can use our experience finder below to help and book your beginners' course.

You can also try archery at one of our approved centres which include holiday parks, tourist attractions and organisations like the National Trust and scouts.

Beginners' Course - A Beginners' Course is the standard way to join an archery club. Run by qualified coaches, each course can be a maximum of 6 sessions and covers all the basic skills of putting a bow together, range safety, shooting and scoring.

Have-a-Go - Usually Have-a-Go sessions involve shooting 3 or 6 arrows at a target a short distance away. Suitable for all ages and great for having a quick go if you're short on time or as part of a bigger event like a country fair.

Taster session - A taster session will see you shoot arrows with targets further away than for a Have-a-Go. The session will vary in length but could be 1-2 hours long and might involve shooting at varying distances or at model animals or balloons.

Start Archery Week - Similar to a Have-a-Go session, a Start Archery Week event gives people of all ages and abilities the chance to try shooting a few arrows quickly and safely. You might be aiming at balloons or seeing how far you can shoot a soft tipped arrow. You'll usually get a quick introduction to the basic kit and types of bow and be invited to sign up to a beginners' course to continue your journey.

Range Returners - If you've done archery in the past but have been out of the sport for a while, a Range Returner session is the perfect refresher. As a Range Returner you will be guided towards a club that will work with you to remind you of anything you may have forgotten to help ensure you are ready to return to shooting.

Aim for Pairis- Aim for Paris events are part of our summer of celebration and give you the chance to try and Olympic and Paralympic at a club near you. These might be have-a-goes, taster sessions, mini festivals or even watch parties. You'll usually get a quick introduction to the basic kit and types of bows. Go along, try something new and support our GB archers as they shoot for gold.


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