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04 January 2024

RED January: Try archery as part of your challenge!

Are you looking to get 2024 off to an active start? Then consider joining RED January - a free, inclusive initiative that encourages increased physical activity to uplift spirits and enhance overall wellbeing.

You can complete any activity as part of your RED January challenge so why not give archery a go?

Archery has many benefits for physical and mental wellbeing. The act of drawing back a bow builds strength and stability while centring yourself on the target is great for mindfulness and focus.

You can register with RED January via the link below then use our club finder to discover your nearest archery club.

Join RED January

You can also try archery through one of our Archery Activity Partners. Click the link below, then scroll down to the map to find an archery centre near you. 

Find an archery centre

If you're keen to get started, you can try an archery warm up at home now!

Why I do archery!

Mandie Elson, from Newark Castle Archers, does archery to benefit her mental health.Mandie Elson wearing a Red January t-shirt, standing in front of an archery target

She says: "Believe it or not, I suffer from anxiety and lack of confidence! This all stems from a traumatic past and after many years of therapy the one thing that helped was sport. This built me up and the support I had along the way was positive. 

"I chose archery as my mindfulness activity. It gives me the opportunity to forget and focus on that arrow, aiming at the target in front of me. When I release the arrow it gives me a calming feeling and makes me smile. 

"On top of that, you are with a bunch of people who have a common interest and this leads to conversations and the building of friendships. 

"I encourage anyone to come along and observe archery and then give them the opportunity to try it. For me, it’s about the experience, not about hitting the gold constantly."


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