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26 January 2024

Junior archer’s mission to support Cancer Research UK

Isla Turner has become a bit of a star on archery-related Facebook groups by selling her arrow pens, keyrings and archery-themed travel mugs to raise money for Cancer Research UK in memory of her great grandma.

The ten-year-old entrepreneur has been going to archery tournaments since she was very young, to watch her grandad take part.

"Me and my sister, Erin, had play archery sets that we used in the garden, and we used to take them to Rainbows and Brownies for have-a-go nights, which were great fun and all our friends enjoyed it. We also took them to our school for the Christmas and summer fairs to help raise school funds,” Isla explained. 

“I asked my grandad when I could join his club and shoot a real bow. He told me I had to be nine years old, so I asked him to teach me how to use a proper bow. He still had my Mum’s old bow from when she was a junior archer, so we got some new arrows and equipment and I started to practice with him. I had to work hard at the sessions, but they were always fun as we put balloons on the boss for me to shoot at.”

When she was nine, she joined Assheton Bowmen Archery Club alongside her grandad. Since then her mum has returned to the sport, and dad and sister have also started shooting, making it truly a family affair. 

“It’s good fun, especially when I beat my dad in a competition!” said Isla. 

After the death of her great grandma this year, she decided to try and raise some money to support Cancer Research UK, and, with the help and support of her dad, she begun selling homemade archery keyrings and pens through her Facebook page, The Little Archery Shop UK. It didn’t take long for the archery community to help and, thanks to people’s kindness and generosity, she was able to donate £230 to Cancer Research UK.

“The members at Assheton Bowmen are very friendly,” said Isla. “I would like to say thank you for all the support and encouragement that they give to me and Erin.” 

You can support Isla’s fundraising efforts by going to The Little Archery Shop UK on Facebook. 


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