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19 March 2024

Get ready for the Archery NI Schools Cup 2024!

The NI Schools Cup will return on Saturday 23 March with organisers, Archery NI promising this year's event will be bigger and better than ever before.

2024's Schools Cup is set to increase in participation, boasting over 100 archers compared to last year's 70. This surge in interest reflects the growing enthusiasm for archery within Northern Ireland's school community.

Students have the option to enter either as part of their school archery club or individually, representing their respective schools. While all schools are encouraged to participate, priority entry will be granted to Year 8 and above, ensuring a fair and competitive environment.

Archery NI have organised the competition which will be hosted at Belfast Royal Academy in collaboration with the Northern Ireland Civil Service Archery Club.

Lisa Wheeler, Archery GB's Regional Development Officer for Northern Ireland, said she was excited to see the event take place as it plays a key role in promoting archery within the region.

She said: "The NI schools project started last year with the idea of increasing participation within the sport of archery here in NI."

She added archery presents a unique opportunity for students, thanks to its inclusion as part of GCSE studies.

"It's a unique opportunity for our sport," she said. "Juniors who would not normally find the sporting field their natural environment are finding themselves excelling and therefore building confidence."

The event also serves as a platform for students to develop teamwork skills and forge connections within their community.

Lisa added: "The school's cup is such an important part of the process to building a network between other schools and introducing them to other coaches, judges, and clubs within their local community."

The event is sponsored by an archery shop, Clickers, as well as Decathlon, the sport and leisure retailer.

Lisa said: "We are hugely grateful to Archery NI for organising this event and to Clickers and Decathlon that have come on board this year as official sponsors."

With fantastic prizes on offer and a growing number of participants, the Archery NI Schools Cup 2024 promises to be an inspiring celebration of talent, dedication, and community spirit. As archers from across Northern Ireland gather to showcase their skills, the event serves as a testament to the enduring appeal and vitality of archery within the school environment.

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