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24 October 2023

Club members give Field and 3D archery a go

An archery club in Gloucestershire organised an intro to Field and 3D event so members could try a different type of archery.

Newnham Archers provide a friendly, relaxed environment for archers of all ages and abilities. They are a growing club with around 30 members, half of whom are juniors. To date the focus has been target based but that has all changed now.

One family at the club discovered Field and 3D around four years ago which generated interest from other members who saw them shooting different target faces and a range of 3D animals. At the request of members, the club provided an introduction to both disciplines over the last couple of weeks.

Susan Woodward, who helped organise the sessions, said: "The feedback was positive with everyone making rapid skills progress. It was a real pleasure to see seniors and juniors revel in this new discipline, embracing new challenges together with a huge injection of fun.

"Immediately many members are now planning to become involved in the Winter League practice provided by a variety of clubs with a view to becoming tournament ready for next season, which would be fantastic, especially with junior archers who are under-represented on the Field and 3D tournament circuit."

Archers trying Field and 3D archery

Susan said after their experience they believe any club, no matter their size or location, could have a go at Field, which only requires a transfer to Field faces together with knowledge of the format and rules. 3D would require a little more funding to purchase the animals although paper animal target faces with the same scoring zones are easily sourced.

Newnham Archers aim now is to continue to develop Field and 3D disciplines in tandem with the target range practice to enhance all possible experiences.

You can find out more by emailing the club via the button below:

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If you'd like to try Field or 3D archery, use our club finder to find clubs near you today. Not all clubs offer Field and 3D so contact the club to see what they offer:

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Archers shooting at Field and 3D targets


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