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16 February 2023

Archery has ‘no barriers’ in Bolton

Over 50 archers can start their journey aligned with their own spiritual practice thanks to the launch of Project Rimaya in Bolton.

Earlier this month, archery became the focus at The Health Hub at Sharples School in Bolton. Families and individuals of all ages came together as a community to practice a sport sacred to the Islamic faith.

Over two introductory sessions 54 participants picked up bows for the first time and shot their very first arrows. Excitement and nerves filled the air, but as the sessions progressed, nerves turned into joy as all participants progressed at a fast pace. The day ended with some light-hearted games.  

Imran, a local GP highlighted how after shooting a few rounds of arrows he “felt the most relaxed in months”. Others also felt the benefits, both physical and spiritual, and recalled how connected to their community and faith they felt after the sessions. Of the 54 archers who attended the launch, an amazing 20 of them signed up to beginners’ courses, filling all available spaces.

To build the structure needed to support Project Rimaya, a community club called Winter Hill Archers will be launching at the start of the summer, which will welcome even more have-a-go and beginners’ courses to the area.

Project Rimaya Bolton has been brought to the community through the partnership of Archery GB and the Saeed Institute. A representative for the Institute said: “The Saeed Institute is ever so grateful to Archery GB for partnering with us to get Winter Hill Archers up and running in Bolton. The team have been phenomenal with all the advice and support they have given us.”

Reflecting on the launch sessions and the future for Winter Hill Archers, Farhana, the new club secretary, shared “The club will no doubt be a way of not just introducing archery to the community but increasing cohesion and connection between people from all walks of life. Archery has no barriers!

Yvonne Stead, Archery GB's Regional Development Officer for the region shared "The launch event in Bolton captured the ethos and values of the community group and our working relationship to date. As my first Project Rimaya project, it was humbling to see how many people attended and the feedback from attendees was above any expectations."

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If you would like to get involved with Winter Hill Archers, and learn more about their upcoming courses and have-a-go sessions, please contact Farhana via


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