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16 May 2024

David's cancer recovery: 'Archery has become my sanctuary'

David Jones talks about how archery transformed his mental health on his cancer recovery journey.

In October 2021, my entire world was upended when I received a life-altering diagnosis: Stage 3 Oesophageal Cancer. After enduring a gruelling journey of 18 months, encompassing chemotherapy and surgery, I found myself at a crossroads. The task at hand was to rebuild my life, both physically and mentally, from the wreckage left behind.

The toll that my battle with cancer had taken on me was immense. I not only faced debilitating physical disabilities, but also struggled with mental health challenges such as depression and anxiety. It was during this period of healing and recovery that I discovered the transformative power of archery.

Archery had always intrigued me, but the demands of my bustling family life and hectic work schedule had never allowed me the time to pursue it. However, as I embarked on my journey towards recovery, I instinctively knew that I needed to engross myself in new hobbies and forge connections with new people. Archery provided the perfect opportunity to fulfil these needs.

As I gracefully draw back the bowstring and fixate my gaze upon the target, an extraordinary phenomenon occurs. In that moment, my mind becomes singularly focused on the task at hand. The worries and anxieties that once consumed me melt away, replaced by a soothing sense of tranquillity and mental clarity. It is as if I have been transported to a serene oasis, temporarily liberated from the burdens that weigh me down.

Not only does archery offer respite for my mental wellbeing, but it also contributes to my physical strength and stamina. Through the rhythmic movements and precise techniques required, my core muscles grow stronger, and my overall physical endurance improves. The best part? It's an incredibly enjoyable and uplifting experience that brings a sense of joy and fulfilment into my life.

Archery has become my sanctuary amidst the chaos of life. It has provided me with solace and a means of escape from the daily hardships I endure. 

Through archery, I have found a profound source of healing, rejuvenation, and personal growth.

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