Paris 2024: Try an Olympic and Paralympic sport this summer!
07 October 2023

Archery GB partners with Path to Paris to inspire children to get active

Next year, the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games will take place in Paris. To mark this occasion, Get Set (the official youth engagement programme from Team GB and ParalympicsGB), is on a mission to get children aged 5-11 and their families more active with their new virtual challenge - Path to Paris.

Schools, community groups or families can set up teams for children to take part – and everyone can join in with the fun alongside them, completely for free! 

We all know how important it is to get children to become more active. Research has shown clear links between how active children are and the state of their mental wellbeing, even down to how much they are able to concentrate and their levels of self-esteem. Path to Paris provides a fantastic opportunity to bring positive change into all aspects of
children’s lives, all while bringing families, school communities, and wider communities together.

You can even complete an archery challenge and try to hit the gold at home or school without the need for a bow or arrows!

The challenge begins in Athens, the birthplace of the Olympic Games. From there, children will embark on a virtual journey around the world in a team bus, completing fun activities as they explore different places on their way to the Paris Games.

Every physical activity logged will earn kilometres to power their virtual team bus to its final destination. Whether it’s jumping on the trampoline in the garden, playing wheelchair basketball, attending a weekly judo club, or dancing around the living room as a family, it all counts, so everyone can get involved and get their hearts racing doing something they enjoy.

Archery GB has set an archery challenge which families can attempt when they reach Dakar in Senegal.Girl trying soft archery

Gayle Pink, Archery GB's Head of Participation, said: "We are delighted to be part of the Path to Paris, to help encourage more children to get active and try and develop their archery skills as part of their virtual journey across the world. Archery is one of the most accessible and inclusive sports and has so many benefits as it promotes physical, mental and spiritual well being.

"Archery is part of the destination challenge in Daker, where we have set young people a challenge to hit the gold! Archery is about accuracy so, even if you do not have a bow, you can play it too. To be a successful archer, you need to control your body and an object. Play Hit the Gold to practice your control and accuracy." 

As well as getting active, children will learn about athletes and their sports, the history of the Games, and can also win incredible prizes as they complete the Path to Paris. The prizes range from sports equipment to support them to get and stay active, posters and stickers to help them track their progress, and even exclusive school visits from Olympic and
Paralympic athletes! Team members might also get shout outs on social media from athletes, or win awards for their outstanding achievements, whether individually or as a family.

Jamie Piggins of Team GB said: "The Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games will inspire the nation, with the best British athletes providing incredible performances on the global stage. The Path to Paris programme will allow young people from across Great Britain and Northern Ireland to feel closer to these unforgettable moments by taking part in physical activity, meeting inspirational athletes, and learning more about the Olympic and Paralympic movement."

David Clarke OBE PLY, ParalympicsGB CEO, said: "We're proud to be part of Path to Paris, and believe it will encourage and inspire all children and young people to embrace a more active lifestyle, whatever activity it is they enjoy. We’re excited that as part of this programme there will be a focus on disabled children and their families helping to inspire and
support them to take part in more physical activity. We think it will have significant social impact across the country, as children embrace the values of the Paralympic Games, build active networks with their families and communities, and form regular habits so they continue an active lifestyle long after the 2024 Games are over."

Get involved now by clicking the button below and start your Path to Paris!

Path to Paris

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